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Whether you are looking for a lift to make your 4WD look a bit better or plan on hitting some serious corrugated tracks, RAW 4×4 can customise a suspension solution to meet your requirements.

The team at RAW 4×4 don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to suspension design, recognising that every 4WDer has unique purpose for their vehicle. With a wide range of multiple leaf, coil springs and shock absorber options RAW 4×4 can put together a package to best suit your load carrying and ride handling needs.

To find the perfect upgrade kit for your 4W

 just contact us here at Active 4x4 !

Lovells Springs Pty Ltd is in its 80th year of business as a manufacturer and supplier of premium quality springs and suspension components to suit a broad range of applications for the automotive, agriculture, mining and railway industries.

Lovells has cemented their reputation as a world leader, manufacturer and supplier of premium quality springs and suspension components to give you “The Ride of your Life”

The company’s philosophy of up to a standard and not down to a price paired with a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement provide the basis for a focus on the quality of the product, as well as the quality of the business relationships we develop with our clients.

Our suspension components are sold all over the world, leading the way in unsurpassed quality, technical co-operation and customer service.

From performance vehicles to intercity express passenger trains to rugged mining vehicles and freight locomotives, Lovells have the experience to supply all of your suspension needs.

Give us a call a Active 4x4 today for your perfect fit !

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