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Towbars & Accessories

Hayman Reese towbars are designed and engineered in Australia for Australian Vehicles.

With over 65 years’ experience, They know towbars better than anyone else.

All Hayman Reese towbars come with the following extras included as standard:

 +  Lifetime warranty
 +  Tow ball and rated D shackles
 +  MetalShield™, our unique two-stage surface protection
 +  Vehicle specific plug-and-play trailer wiring - SmartClick
 +  Specifically designed for each vehicle and tested under static and dynamic conditions
 +  Fully compliant with Australian Design Rules and exceeding AS 4177 specifications


With local manufacturing and the largest range, we have a fitment that is right for you.

The Original and the best ! The Talon Trailer Lock [ TL 140] secures your trailer both on and off your stationery vehicle with the simple twist of a key. The lock is fully cast from the toughest grade of stainless steel and features the renown Bi-Lock high security cylinder, with a key system that is both tamper proof and pick resistant. the lock is convenient to use, taking 30 seconds to install and detach from your trailer. It is rust and corrosion proof and will surely last a life time. It carries comprehensive guarantees of quality and has been approved by motoring authorities across Australia

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